Wednesday 27 April 2016

Dance of the Blue Tattoo by Matthew DeGennaro

Insider information from the prospectus of Matt DeGennaro's
soon to be produced movie "Dance of the Blue Tattoo." 

Matt DeGennaro is the author of Crossroads: Inside Callisto
published by Inner Vision Press
(21st September 2012).!bluetattoo/nwm3u

Matt DeGennaro - screenwriter, published author, script writer and owner of Blue Coconut Productions LLC - is to have his script "Dance of the Blue Tattoo" produced as a full length feature movie starring Tracey Birdsall, Harry Lennix, Carmen Argenziano, Ed Harrison and Academy Award Nominee, Rudy Youngblood. Matt will be co-directing the movie alongside executive producer Del Weston. Del Weston spotted Matt after his scripts won not one but two awards at this year's Action On Film festival.

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