Wednesday 30 October 2013

Kindle Matchbook and Inner Vision Press

All Inner Vision Press titles are now enrolled in the Kindle Matchbook program, which means that if you purchased an Inner Vision Press PRINTED book on Amazon, anywhere (or have recently purchased a PRINTED Inner Vision Press title on Amazon), you can now purchase the Kindle version for your e-reader for the price of only $1.99 USD - that is greater than 50% discount on the Kindle book price, which is already greatly reduced from the printed title list price! 

Check out my book "Enlightenment for Beginners" on Amazon Kindle, purchase the printed book and you can have the Kindle download for only $1.99 extra. The same goes for ALL Inner Vision Press book titles.

The Inner Vision Press 'Kindle Matchbook' program will come into full effect within the next 12 hours.... for more information, visit this link:


Monday 14 October 2013

Invasion of the Earthmen by Vitor Rodrigues

Vitor Rodrigues.

I am thoroughly enjoying formatting Vitor Rodrigues' book entitled "Invasion of the Earthmen" due to be published by the Inner Vision Press imprint in early 2014. Vitor's mind expanding sci-fi romance is so well written it is easy to work with, especially since it was originally written in Portuguese (A Invasao dos Terrestres) and translated into English. Vitor is an author, lecturer and therapist, and is skilled in the field of transformational/transcendental psychology.

The formatting template is complete, now I just need to go through the text and check the spelling and grammar for errors, add copyrights and ISBN, headers and footers, and the contents page, then I can begin working on the cover design. I am looking forward to reading and publishing every word.

Invasion of the Earthmen will be published in paperback and ebook formats and will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, WHSmith, Blackwells and in most good book shops this spring and a Facebook page coming soon.

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