Friday 21 December 2012

REVIEWS - Crossroads Inside Callisto by Matt DeGennaro

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"This book is a cracking good read. Matt DeGennaro has knitted a seamless and believable reality out of the skeins of the familiar and the extraordinary - and that makes for a book that anyone can gallop through today, and be pleased to pick up again on some miserable wintry evening in the future when all the doors are locked, and supper is in the oven, and they feel it would be pleasant to take a journey with known friends down a familiar highway to an anticipated and satisfactory conclusion.
Entertainment, though, is not all that’s on offer here.

‘Crossroads – Inside Callisto’ is a very esoteric book, and it’s also an agreeably – and for want of a better term – ‘non-denominational’ book. Followers of almost any spiritual discipline or belief will find themselves on ‘home ground’ somewhere ‘Inside Callisto’ – but they may not find ‘home ground’ quite so firm under their feet when they have walked a little way with Angelo and Pop.

The truths that are clearly spoken in the smooth flow of the narrative – and those that creep out sneakily unspoken between the lines - are certainly often comfortingly familiar, but the difficult philosophical questions raised by this book have been bitterly disputed in the past, and remain disputed, unresolved, and problematic in the present. 

The author has made it impossible not to confront the question as to whether we are free to make conscious choices or are predetermined to take this or that road at the ‘Crossroads’ - and has perhaps made it necessary to make a conscious decision to try to find a personally satisfactory answer to that question as well."  

Emily Peach, author of the books: The Tarot Workbook, Understanding and Using Tarot, Tarot Prediction and Things that Go Bump in the Night (available on Amazon).

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"Getting a handle on Matt DeGennaro's book CROSSROADS: INSIDE CALLISTO takes some work. We aren't sure if we know the main players right away and in some ways that sets the mood for this mystical experience of a story. Despite the fact that we are dealing with space travel and seeing the future and the past in the steam of a kettle and gaining wisdom form a wonderful old gypsy named Pop and discovering the authors concepts of freewill and superstitions and life after death etc, DeGennaro manages to weave a story that is different enough to be refreshing. It is an invitation to walk with the author and his family of characters through the mysteries of enlightenment, transformation and redemption.

A story as complex as this is best described by the author, so instead of reinventing the wheel, the story rambles something like this: `Angelo DeMarra is an Italian-American with a normal life: wife, son, car, day job, apart from one thing. When the "ill-fated" Angelo is hanged and nearly killed as a child, it set him on a course that would change his life forever. When Angelo meets "Pop" an aging gypsy fortune teller, and Pop tells him he only has two weeks to live, Angelo is catapulted into a series of events that will quantum-shift his evolution and shape the very destiny of mankind. With the help of Joyce (his wife), Philip (his son), Lisa (his former lover), and a band of renegade aliens... discover how Angelo deals with Pop, comes to terms with his "fate" and ultimately finds meaning and purpose in his life.'

There are some problems with this book. It is in need of an editor to clean up the typos and grammatical error that stop the eye. But the greatest problem is the need to somehow aid the reader to stay on track with the jumps in time and space that despite the fact the events are interesting, they are at times difficult to decipher.

To DeGennaro's credit is the dialogue, especially the bits of wisdom Pop shares: `Recognition is the necessary correction to free you form the karma related to your bad choice' and `you have to accept it's how you react that needs to be corrected so the human race could survive the coming shift.' The reader may have to read this little book slowly, but that allows for the wonderfully strange ideas to seep into the brainscape - and we all need that about now."

Grady Harp, author of War Songs and Amazon "Top 50" reviewer. 

Review in Progress----- 
"Crossroads: Inside Callisto by Matthew M DeGennaro is a unique fiction novel incorporating a blend of mystical new age philosophies and science fiction.  DeGennaro has created his own hybrid fiction genre- in which he incorporates his philosophical views within the context of a science fiction-drama.There is an eclectic mix of characters  and events including  time travel, aliens, gypsies, as well as esoteric new age and religious  philosophies.

The story centers around the  main hero, Angelo, who is himself an eccentric middle aged man who miraculously and supernaturally escaped death twice as a child.  Coincidently, he meets up with an odd gypsy named "Pop", who foretells his future death- which will occur in two weeks.  Pop is a supernatural guide throughout Angelo's personal journey. He has supernatural powers that guide Angelo throughout the story- he is like a personal counselor and angel rolled into one character.  Face to face with his impending death, Angelo experiences a series of unusual adventures as well as philosophical and mystical searching as to the purpose of life and concepts such as free will.

The chapters are short and filled with fast paced dialog.   At first in the first chapters it is vague as to whether the story is told in the first person point of view from Angelo's stand point or  the third person. Apparently, the point of view alternates between chapters. This might prove to be confusing for some readers although it gives it an omnipotent touch.    There are also many scene and time changes throughout the book- nothing remains constant.  For example in the opening scene its 1990 and the next chapter opens in the 1960s. This follows through with the theme of one's life flashing before his eyes before death.  If the reader can keep up with the constant fast paced setting and time changes,  and eclectic adventures, the author's philosophical beliefs are unraveled through the character, Angelo.  The reader is drawn to find out what happens at the end of this suspense piece of fiction......................"

Patricia from  The Academy of Cybertoria.

Read the full review here.

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Another Great Year

Inner Vision Workshop
With Matt Blythe

7.00pm to 10.00pm Wednesday 24th October 2012
At The Landguard Manor, Shanklin, Isle of Wight

The Workshop
Workshops create a safe environment for healing to occur naturally, that can be both Fun and Enlightening. During the Workshop you will have the opportunity to ask questions, share your feelings, and participate in individual (if you are willing) and group process, which may involve Healing, Mind Training Exercises, Meditation, or just come along and listen.

During The Workshop
Forgive your family and free yourself.
Create healing at deep and vital levels.
Discover the reality of miracles.

Explore a new paradigm model of understanding.
Leap The Abyss to Love and leave a bridge for others to follow.
Learn simple, effective and powerful tools and principles to transform
Your perception and possibly your Life.

Ground Rules
  • The Workshops begin in lecture format and become fully Interactive.
  • Bring a pen/pencil and paper if you would like to take notes.
  • Tea, coffee and refreshments provided during the break.
  • All Workshop participants agree to confidentiality.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.

All participants receive a signed copy of Matt’s book
Enlightenment for Beginners and have a chance
to preview his new book for FREE.

Telephone (01983) 408 746
for details / bookings.


Friday 28 September 2012

Crossroads: Inside Callisto by Matthew DeGennaro


21st September 2012.

Nothing seems worse than standing at the crossroads. A Course in Miracles calls it "The Branch in the Road". If you have ever found yourself at a Crossroads in your life; the way before you blocked, the way you came no longer matters. If you have ever wondered what the next step in life might be, or found yourself bewildered by the overwhelm of information coming to you, then Matt Degennaro's book "Crossroads: Inside Callisto" is for you. Although Matt's book is a novel, the principles "Inside Callisto" hold true and for those of us looking for guidance, vision, wisdom, humour and inspiration, Crossroads helps us to navigate the unconscious mind easily. Not only that but Matt Degennaro's new novel is a romantic thriller, a suspenseful mystery, a transformational leap in consciousness and a swashbuckling good story! Buy your copy at from as little as $15.66 (plus postage). Also available on Amazon, B & N, Waterstones, WHSmith, The Book Depository, Blackwells, and as a digital download on Google Books and Amazon Kindle. Order your copy today, before it is too late and your mind is made up for you! And you find yourself once more... standing at the "Crossroads."

on Google Books
for FREE.

Sunday 23 September 2012

Ten Things That DO NOT Impress Your Publisher.

1. Enquiry letters that are presumptious and demanding.

2. Enquiry letters that are too short.

And enquiry letters that are too long!

3. Do not expect your publisher to be your 

(mind reader).

4. Do not write, email or call for a progress check.

Before your publisher has even received your manuscript.

5. Do not tell the director you do not like the company ethos. 

And then expect him or her to positively appraise your book and offer you
a six figure advance.

6. Do not send enquirey letters, CV.'s or sample chapters that are p orly formatted.

And look like they are badly in need of a spel chexker.

7. Do not enclose poor quality images.

In y1ur manuscript 1r text/f1nts that are n1t rec1gnised by m1st m1dern 
w1rd pr1cessor s1ftware.

8. Do not include images, art work or material that you do not own the ©opyrights to.

They stand out like a sore thumb and could cost you and your publisher dearly
if somone sues you for copyright infringement.

9. Do not say, "O-M-G ...I hate it!" 

Or, "You have ruined my book!!" When your publisher sends you the first draft of
your book or cover design after spending many long hours designing the book to
your specifications. You have every opportunity to liaise with your publisher and
designer and make any changes you need to... but after the files have been approved,
and released into the system, in most cases there is no going back.

10.  Do not send in your manuscript.

And then expect lengthy feedback or reviews of your work, and a lifetime of
free coaching and support if you have no intention of having your book published.

We are only  human after all :)

Click here to see "Ten Things To Impress Your Publisher"

By Matt Blythe
Inner Vision Press.

Ten Things to Impress Your Publisher

1.  Be polite and courteous. 

Publishers are only human and usually  working to a tight schedule
to get your book published. Being rude or impatient does nothing to
bolster your case or expedite the publishing process.

2.  Write a simple enquiry letter.

Or email telling the publisher a little about yourself, your background,
a brief synopsis of your book and what your goals and intentions are.
This helps the publisher to clarify if your expectations are realistic and
whether they are able to meet your expectations. If your expectations
are too high this might put the publisher off even if they might have
otherwise offered you a publishing deal.

3. Include a few sample chapters.

Publishers like to see your writing style and the subject matter in question
so include a few sample chapters with your letter and do not expect to be
offered a contract before your publisher has even seen your manuscript.

4. Include a copy of your CV.

If appropriate, this can help the publisher get a general idea of your
background, interests and achievements so be sure to blow your own

5. Be enthusiastic about your book.

Enthusiasm about your own book shows confidence, self- belief and
is an attractive compliment to yourself and your work. Enthusiasm is
infectious! If you are not enthusiastic about your own book, don't expect
others to be enthusiastic for you.

6. Believe in your own work.

In this business belief is everything. Our perception of life, what we
experience and even what we create all have their roots in our beliefs.
We receive what we believe we deserve even if we might be saying
other things to the contrary. Believing in your own work makes it easy
to be enthusiatic about it with others.

7. Be patient and understanding.

Patience is a paramount part of the process. Books do not get published
and hit the shelves overnight. Sometimes it can take weeks, months or in
some rare cases, years to publish a book. Patience is a natural part of the
letting go process, which in turn is a natural part of trust. If you trust your
publisher (presumably that is why you chose them in the first place) then
be patient and understanding with them. 

8. If you do not understand "Ask".

It is important that we understand almost every aspect of the process
to save misunderstandings later on. If you do not understand something,
do not suffer in silence. If you have nothing to lose and everything to gain
by asking, by all means ask. If nothing else, your publisher will appreciate
your honesty.

9. Be committed to your work.

Be committed to seeing your publishing project through to completion.
Many projects fail to complete because of lack of trust and commitment.
I have had people send me manuscripts and the next day reject themselves
because they could not stand the suspense and good feeling of waiting for
a decision. Many projects fail to complete because of a simple misunderstanding.
If you are not committed to your project it will reflect in your relationship
with your publisher and your first misunderstanding could be your last.

10. Remember to thank your publisher.

When you have been patient and your commitment has paid off,
when you have waited long months and trusted the process and you finally
have a copy of your beautiful book in your hands, remember to congratulate
yourself and thank your publisher. They have been working hard on your
behalf and will be over the moon to know you are happy with their
contribution and the finished product can hit the shelves with confidence.

By Matt Blythe 
Inner Vision Press

Monday 6 August 2012

Ten Free Copies of Ultimate Power by Linda West.

I have TEN free copies of Linda's book "Ultimate Power: The Universal Science of Love" to giveaway in the next couple of weeks courtesy of "Bookstubs". Watch and *like* Linda's Facebook page for your chance to receive a free digital copy of Ultimate Power for your Kindle, iPhone or eReader :)


Hope you are having a great day,

Matt Blythe

Sunday 29 July 2012

Goal Setting

Generally speaking, I would not give anyone negative feedback ever. I am not an expert on poetry, but I do however have some idea of what is required of a book to raise it to a standard that is suitable for publishing. If we were to publish your book, my main concerns are: Is there a market for it? Are you willing to promote your own work? And how much work is needed to prepare the files? Normally, the only criticism I have when publishing a book is regarding the layout and the book design, which is more or less completely redesigned during the publishing process anyway.

Is there a market for your book? Good question. It depends what your goals are. I think if an author is enthusiastic and believes in their own work, and is willing to conduct there own market research (organise book singings, book fairs, have an online presence, arrange interviews, etc.) then most books have the potential to be worthwhile projects.
Try to focus on your goals and what you would like to achieve in regards to publishing, rather than letting your emotions (which may or may not be true) get in the way and prejudice your judgment.. At the moment I am mainly looking at literary work from a publishing point-of-view.
To help you focus, you could ask yourself the following questions: How much do I want this book published? How committed am I to seeing the process through to completion? Am I flexible about the design? And am I willing to promote my own title?
These questions might help you make an informed decision when it comes to making a commitment and actually making an investment towards publishing your book.

Good luck with your project. I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Matt Blythe,
Inner Vision Press.

Monday 16 July 2012

Publishing Process Overview

After enquiring, you need to send me a copy of the manuscript so I can have an objective look at it with the view of possible publication. Basically your book can be any size from 48 pages up to about 1000. If it is greater than 1000 pages the printers have a hard time dealing with it. If it is less than 48 pages you lose out on the binding i.e. it has to be either saddle stitched, stapled or ring bound as a booklet.

When your book is complete and ready for submission, you need to send me a copy in either Word .doc or Adobe .pdf format. These are formats are preferred although I can scan a physical book or manuscript but it involves considerably more work (and subsequent fees). Other formats I can work with include MS Works files and even a Notepad .txt file (at a push).

I then take a look at your work and if it is suitable for my list and we agree to go ahead and publish, then as soon as we make a commitment I begin working on your book, bringing your files up to print-ready standard, formatting the text, assigning an ISBN, designing the cover and finally uploading the files to the printers and distribution databases. All files are sent to you prior to upload for your approval.

I set the retail price and the launch date and then your title is distributed through the internet worldwide, where customers can purchase either an ebook or a physical paperback version of your book. Actual bricks and mortar shops can also sell your book through high street shops, schools, colleges and universites.

You receive at least 20% of the retail sales of every copy of your book sold through me directly or through the distribution channels. This figure is finalised when we set the retail price logistics. And you can also buy copies of your own book at wholesale and sell them for a profit if you wish, at book signings for example.

If you need any more information, checkout my the FAQ on my blog and let me have your email address so I can send you more information. The fees are based around the full publishing package including submitting your title to the Ingram Advance catalogue listing, press releases, search engine submission and 10 complimentary copies of your book. Basically, when you have your book written then we can go from there.

I look forward to hearing you have your book ready for Submission soon.

Good luck and I hope you are having a great day :)

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Matt Blythe,
Inner Vision Press.

Sunday 24 June 2012

Working in the Cloud

 Have you started working in the cloud yet? Clipboard makes it easy to save your work and keep track of your favourite projects anywhere in the world.

Friday 22 June 2012

Promote Your Book

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So far there are 1801 reviews published for 1452 different products.

You can also receive Free Book Marketing & Book Promotion!

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Check out the web site for full details :)

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Check out my new page on Shelfari :)

Monday 18 June 2012

Marketing Tips for Beginners

Although I consider my first book "Enlightenment for Beginners" to be transformational and cutting edge in terms of its healing affect, I do not perhaps sell as many copies as I would like, or think I deserve. I participate in quite a lot of online marketing, social networking mostly and everyone I have feedback from says they love it. So what can we do to improve our sales figures and enjoy the process? For me it is about building trust, interest and enthusiasm from our closest relationships (the ones we are aware that we touch) and then extending this outward to the wider audience through networking.
There are steps we can take to market our own books, like creating a page on FaceBook, plugging it on Youtube and Twitter, and creating a blog on Blogger, then linking these pages up with tools like and Networking Blogs so that when we post all our networks update at once. And then making sure we update them regularly to keep the content fresh for our subscribers.
Offline we can organise workshops and talks based around our books, book signing events at local bookstores, radio, television, internet, magazine and local press are also good places to get interest for our books. You can send a complimentary copy of your book to a prospective partner and ask them for an interview or a review in exchange. There are literally hundreds of opportunites and some people prefer some avenues more than others. There is no set way to market your book it just depends what you are comfortable and confident with.
The important thing is to be willing to try. If we do not try we never make any mistakes (other than not trying), never learn anything new and we cannot modify our game stratedgies. People who do not need to try have reached a level of success and influence through hard work and trying, trust me. It also helps to have an enthusiastic publisher backing your corner.
Some important things to consider are: how much work and commitment you are willing to put into marketing your book with regards to return on your investment. Interviews are free and are almost always a great way to spread our message. Sending free copies of printed books costs money and most of us don't have access to the resources that mainstream publishers have. So you just have to way up what feels true for you and give yourself totally to that.
The main blocks to receiving are psychological in my experience. Things like fear, guilt, unworthiness and unwillingness to give or learn the lessons at hand can hold us back. Positive things like forgiveness, love, courage, willingness, true giving, vision, partnership, support, commitment and taking the next step will always move us forward towards our goals, as long as we are not moving away from our goals at the same time!
I am currently working on my second book "A Cause for Miracles" as well as publishing for others, (through my imprint Inner Vision Press) and I am hoping that launching my second book will give my first book a marketing boost too. (You cannot unring a bell but you can ring it TWICE).
I can definitely help with publishing an ebook or a printed book with some marketing. If you have a book to publish, check out the pages here on my blog. I don't make unrealistic promises to my authors, as I consider publishing a book to be a partnership process between publisher and author - like a relationship - BOTH partners need to make an effort to successfully market a book. As you have probably already experienced, our books can be the best in the world but they do not sell many copies if no-one knows about it. At Inner Vision Press, through consistent and strategic marketing, partnership, networking, search engine optimization and press release, I guarentee the world will know about your book when it comes to publishing time.
If you think I can assist you with producing your book in any way get in touch. Or if you would like to share ideas or marketing opportunities I would love to hear from you :)
Thanks again, and best of luck with publishing your next project :)

Matt Blythe :)
Director, Inner Vision Press

Thursday 14 June 2012

Friday 8 June 2012

My second book 'A Cause for Miracles' to be published later this year

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Friday 1 June 2012

The Crossroads by Matt DeGennaro is to be published later this year by Inner Vision Press :)

Crossroads by Matt DeGennaro

Draft Cover Design.

I have made a commitment with Matt DeGennaro to publish his brilliant new novel "Crossroads" later this autumn with the Inner Vision Press imprint.

Book details as follows:

  • Paperback: 180 pages (approx.)
  • Publisher: Inner Vision Press.
  • Date of Publication: September 21st 2012.
  • Language English (US)
  • Binding: Trade Paperback/Ebook
  • ISBN-Paperback: 978-0-9568833-4-6
  • ISBN-Ebook: 978-0-9568833-5-3
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 5 inches

Matt DeGennaro graduated from Brown University with a 'BA' in American Literature & English Expression. He then attended the New York University and studied Creative Writing and later went on to the School of Visual Arts. Matt's many career achievements as a screenwriter include writing for popular television and sports shows, movies and screenplays.

Angelo DeMarra is an Italian-American with a normal life: wife, son, car, day job, apart from one thing. When the "ill-fated" Angelo is hanged and nearly killed as a child, it set him on a course that would change his life forever. When Angelo meets "Pop" an aging gypsy fortune teller, and Pop tells him he only has two weeks to live, Angelo is catapulted into a series of events that will quantum-shift his evolution and shape the very destiny of mankind. With the help of Joyce (his wife), Philip (his son), Lisa (his former lover), and a band of renegade aliens... discover how Angelo deals with Pop, comes to terms with his "fate" and ultimately finds meaning and purpose in his life.

Crossroads: Inside Callisto will take you on a rollercoaster ride to enlightenment, have you reading on the edge of your seat, and give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of the meaning of life... all without leaving the comfort of your arm chair. This book is a coming of age, a maturing of vision and the realisation of a life-long dream. A book about mysticism, traversing the unconscious mind and the transformational power of Spirituality. Read it at your own risk and watch out for the bumps... gooosebumps that is!

Search the full text of this book

Published by Inner Vision Press, September 21st 2012, Crossroads: Inside Callisto is available in paperback and as a digital download from most good book stores.

Read The Reviews here.

For more details come and like Matt's page on Facebook...

Friday 25 May 2012

A Cause for Miracles


A Cause for Miracles is the second book I have written that I aim to have published this year. This is an opportunity for interested parties to own the rights and publish my book before I self-publish and go to press with my own imprint.

In A Cause for Miracles I discuss in simple terms that anyone can understand, psychological insights and technological breakthroughs from over twenty years of research in areas including Spirituality, The Speed of Light, Free Radiant Energy, Tesla Coils, Anti-Gravity and our Solar Sun: the prime mover of energy in our local system. This book challenges the status quo (which is actually a socially defined version of reality) with a new paradigm model of understanding designed to shift Earth, out of our dependency on antiquated energy models and into a new era of free, clean and abundant energy for all.

This book was written for the most part, between the years of 2005 and 2011 in the form of notes that came through as an intuitive response to numerous world issues that came up for healing between those periods. I would receive news of a catastrophe or a world event and would feel compelled to write down my thoughts. These would be specifically relating to an event or a world issue that was “up” and would often surprise me with their intelligence, profundity and the deep level of mind-metaphor through which the messages were coming.

When I began writing I never intended this to become a book! I simply wrote down the thoughts and feelings as they came to me, and then transcribed them and saved them as a note on my computer. Also, this book is not meant to be an attack on anyone or intended to lose anyone profit or put anyone out of business. It is simply my way of expressing my thoughts and opinions, as a way of raising consciousness such that, they might heal the world and create a happier, healthier, cleaner and more abundant place for everyone to live, now and in the future. And not just for those of us who are fortunate enough to live in a developed country. We ALL need to win or it isn’t true abundance.

If we are to transcend and evolve beyond our current set of limitations, we need to heal our own minds, align ourselves with spirit, pull up our anchors (the judgements that keep us stuck in the old ways) and set sail on the seas of forgiveness. Oil is not running out, the world is not over populated. The sun is not going to burn out anytime soon! We have all the land, energy and resources we need to create and enjoy a sustainable and renewable way of life. We just need to begin trusting each other and pulling together, instead of using our technology to repress the competition. If we allowed a more open minded, trusting and honest approach towards spirit, science and technology, we would re-write the rulebooks and develop technologies that could be used to benefit the world instead of being used to control or destroy.

To that end, I would like to share some of my ideas with you. This book is a way of expanding your worldview to the extent that you will be able to forgive your neighbour and create breakthrough in your own life. In this book you will find wisdom, understanding, a small amount of technology and most of all HEALING. It is my gift to you for 2012.

After reading A Cause for Miracles, you will not only have an intellectual notion of Who Jesus Is but you will have understanding and a direct experience with Spirit Itself. This is not a book about religion, or the bible, this is a book about current world affairs, poetry, technological breakthrough, spirituality and the power of psychological transformation. May we all find happiness and reach enlightenment in this lifetime...


Introduction 9.
How The Prayer Came To Be 12.
The New Lord’s Prayer 17.
The Five Essential Principles of Enlightenment 19.
The Truth is Heaven 21.
The End of The World As We Know It 23.
Trust 29.
Our Purpose is Happiness 32.
IQ Test 34.
Magnetrons 36.
Tesla Free Energy Transmitter 38.
Partnership and Leadership 46.
Urtext Vs ACIM 48.
Do You Believe in God? 49.
What is in the Flu Vaccine? 50.
Only God is Inevitable 54.
Healing Separation and Family Roles 56.
The Role of The Superhero 60.
An Act of War or Forgiveness? 61.
Dating Works 63.
Conscious Dreaming 64.
Defending Sacred Ground 66.
The Role of Defender 69.
The Most Unfair Thing About Life 70.
Where Did My Soul Go? 71.
Defence ~ Offence 72.
Centre of The Universe 74.
2012 - Another Great Year 80.
All Minds Are Joined 83.
Love Not War. Healing The Anarchic Split Mind 87.
Street Art 90.
Mind Memos 94.
Kissing Underneath The Mistletoe 98.
Goal Setting, Intention and Expectations 100.
Is It A Bird or Is It A Plane? 102.
Free Electricity or The Horse and Cart? 104.
Rebellion in Egypt 105.
A Course in Miracles for Beginners 107.
Earth is Pulling Up Her Anchor 110.
No Fly Zones 113.
God or ego? 115.
Mind and Spirit 117.
Revelations 118.
Miracles Happen 121.
Solar Flares 123.
Love Vs Needs 127.
Peak Oil 128.
A Course in Miracles Conspiracy Theory 131.
God’s Will For Me Is Happiness 139.
Forgiveness Is My Business 145.
Integration 148.
Mastery 152.
Come Again 153.
Who Is Jesus? 155.
The Need For Forgiveness 157.
Kindness Prevails 158.
Bright Blue Eyes 168.
Acknowledgements 171.
Sources 173.

About The Author

Twenty years ago a series of life changing events led Matt to write his first book which became the basis for forming his own company Inner Vision and were the beginnings of his enlightenment. At the age of 21, as a way of trying to heal his own trauma and psychology, Matt began taking notes which would later be typed up into the manuscripts for his first three books, only one of which has been published to date. Having had formal training in electronics and fourteen years as a relationship coach, workshop facilitator and student/teacher of A Course in Miracles, Matt feels now is a good time to share this Wisdom with the world.

Promotional Opportunities

Since publishing my first book I have developed a large loyal base of friends throughout a considerable number of social networks including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Myspace. I am available for interviews and book signings and I am willing to travel to cater for these events. I also facilitate Inner Vision workshops and promote my books through these events which receive a considerable amount of advertising.

A Cause for Miracles is now complete and ready for submission. If you are interested in publishing A Cause for Miracles please contact through the Contact page here on the Inner Vision Press blog, thank you :)

Wednesday 16 May 2012

If you want to come to the workshop, just show up and register on the door. FREE SIGNED COPY of my book for all attendees <3

Tuesday 8 May 2012

PREVIEW ~ Enlightenment for Beginners by Matt Blythe

Search the full text of this book

Click here to see Enlightenment for Beginners on Google Books.

Click here to get Enlightenment for Beginners on your Android or iPhone.

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Sunday 29 April 2012

Saturday 28 April 2012


Invasion of the Earthmen by Vitor Rodrigues is due to be published this summer by Inner Vision Press. Watch the epic trailer video here.

Linda West recommends Enlightenment for Beginners.


Author, Freedom lover, nature fan, mother and friend, Linda spent time with Terence McKenna in the rainforest of Mexico researching the Mayans, the calendar and the science of frequencies relating to 2012. Linda's book "Ultimate Power: The Use of Frequency Attunement" is republished this year by Inner Vision Press and is also available as an online lecture series through Learning Annex Books and DVD's

Linda has her own Youtube Channel "MorningMayan" check her out and subscribe and tell her Inner Vision Press sent you :) 

Inner Vision Press FAQ.

What Are Title Set Up Fees?
The fee for setting up your title and publishing your book depends on a number of factors: primarily the book size in terms of number of pages, whether you want your book in paperback or hardback or both, and how much work is required to bring your manuscript up to a 'print-ready' standard suitable for publication. Formatting your manuscript, minor grammar correction and spell checking are included in the title set up. Editorial work is in addition to the title set up fee and negotiable depending on how much work is required. Generally speaking, Inner Vision Press does not edit an authors work as I prefer the book to sound more or less exactly as the author intended it to sound, in their own voice and not heavily diluted by extensive editing.

How Much Will It Cost?
The title set up fee can be anything starting from £150.00 ($250.00) depending on the level of work required. There are also additional factors to consider, for example if you would like copies sent to you upon completion of publication, and if you would like your title included in the Ingram Advance catalogue, a one-time marketing opportunity.

Are there Any Additional Fees?
No. When we agree on the set-up and publication fee there will be no other fees to pay, unless you decide to initiate additional marketing for your title independently.

How Soon Will My Book Be Published?
This depends on my current workload and the size and amount of work required to bring your manuscript up to a print-ready standard. If you have a near print-ready manuscript this reduces the time to publication considerably. Obviously if I have to manually scan every page of your book and recognise the text using OCR it is going to take a bit longer! You can realistically expect to see your book on the shelves within three to five months of acceptance of your manuscript, although it could be a lot sooner.

Can You Provide Marketing For My Book?
At this time Inner Vision Press only provides limited marketing as mentioned above. Our main aim is to publish your book in a timely manner and give it the widest distribution possible at launch. The author is responsible for their own marketing stratedgy for example, organising book signings, radio/television/press interviews, advertising in newspapers/magazines, book reviews, distribution of flyers and leaflets, business cards, etc. although Inner Vision Press will support you and consult with you in this regard.

Where Will My Book Be Sold?
Upon publication your book will be listed on major retailers web sites like,, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, WHSmith, Blackwells, The Book Depository, Google Books and literally hundreds of independent book retailers online.  Your book may also be ordered and stocked by bricks-and-mortar high street and independent retailers as well as schools, colleges, universities and libraries worldwide.  Your book will also be convertd into ebook formats and available to download for e-readers like Kindle, Adobe, Nook, Sony, as well as iPad, iPod, and iPhone through the iTunes store.

What happens When I Sell A Copy Of My Book?
It pays me to pay you! The more books we sell the better it is for both author and publisher, and hopefully the whole world gets to benefit. When someone purchases a copy of your book, the order is sent through the distribution channels and the book is printed 'on-demand'. This means any number of your books can be printed and distributed at very short notice. The printed book is then sent directly to the customer/retailer and the sale is recorded.

Will My Title Ever Go 'Out-of-Print' ?
No. Your title is 'print-on-demand' which means it will never go 'out-of-stock' and will never go 'out-of-print', unless you decide to unpublish your book for some reason.

How Many Copies Of My Book Can I expect To Sell?
This depends largely on you. If you are a first time author it is not reasonable to expect to sell a million copies of your book in the first year, although this is possible, it is unlikely! Inner Vision Press makes no guarentees as to the number of book sales the author makes. Having said that, if we decide to go ahead and publish your book it is because I strongly believe the author has something of value to offer to the world, and the author having made an investment in the publishing process feels the same way too. I would therefore realistically hope our venture would be a mutually rewarding one.

What are the Royalty/Commission Terms?
Inner Vision Press pays the author exactly 20% of the retail price of all copies of their book sold through all retail outlets and distribution channels.

How Often Will I Be Paid Commision?
You will be paid either monthly or quarterly depending on the number of sales of your book. Sales are paid 90 days in arrears from the date your sales commision reaches $25.00 or greater. I will provide full sales reports and commision statements to that affect.

How Will I Be Paid?
If you live in the United Kingdom you can choose to be paid by physical cheque, by Paypal or directly to your designated bank account. If you live outside the UK you can choose to be paid by Paypal only.

Will I Be Under Contract And Who Will Own The Copyrights To My Book?
You will not be under contract to Inner Vision. When Inner Vision Press agrees to publish your book I will send you a 'Publishing Proposal' which will be an informal agreement which will reflect commitment to the level of service I am willing to give you. If you accept this and Inner Vision agrees that your title is suitable for my list, we can then go ahead and publish your book. You will be the copyright holder of your work and you are free to publish your work elsewhere at any time.

What Is The Next Step?
If you have written a book or are near completion and would like Inner Vision Press to consider your title for publication please contact me to discuss your requirements. You may contact me by email or you can use the 'Contact Form' on this website. Alternatively you may send the complete manuscript or a few sample chapters along with a short appraisal of your book, to the above address. Please include details of any marketing/promotional opportunities you can provide and a stamped, addressed envolope if you would like your manuscript returned to you.

Can I see Any Previous Titles Published By Inner Vision Press?
You sure can! Both my own book "Enlightenment for Beginners" and "Ultimate Power: The Universal Science of Love by Linda West" are published by Inner Vision Press. Feel free to check them out on Amazon :)

What Inner Vision Press Will Not Publish!
Porn, fantasy, horror, drugs or violence of any kind, war stories (real or not),
anything that promotes hatred, religious or cultural differences, the occult or black magic.
Copyrights Inner Vision Press 2012.


Quick Guide to Self-Publishing.

Quick Guide to Self Publishing by Matt Blythe

It has been said that every person has at least one
book to write about his or her life experience.

How many pages is your book? And do you intend to
publish it into a printed book, which I advise you to, since
most self-publishers give you the option to make it available
as an ebook anyway.

With mine, I prepared the manuscript as a word .doc
then I can adjust the page size and edit the text whenever I
need to. You can then upload your file to a web site like, or
Amazon also have a digital text platform where you can self
publish ebooks as a Kindle download, which is becoming
popular, .

I recommend to start with. They have a
simple wizard, which leads you through the publishing
process step by step, makes all the necessary file conversions
for you and has a really cool cover design program. Best thing
about lulu is it is all free of charge to set your title up, assign
an ISBN number, and list it on the website and on . You get your own customisable store and
you can distribute your title for a small fee if you want worldwide
distribution.If you choose distribution your title also gets listed in
online stores and is also available to order wholesale and over the
counter at local bookstores. Lulu also registers your book with
Google Books, which has a search inside preview that is kind
of neat.

If you want marketing and the backing of a publisher,
you can always self-publish or tout for a mainstream
publishing deal later since you retain the rights to your own
work. Self-publishing packages really depend on your budget
because their printed products are generally better quality
than some of the online publishers. Plus they have marketing
add-ons you can “add-on” later, budget permitting, and you
can still list your titles with online publishers anyway.
Lulu has a pretty cool help and discussion forum, which I have
found useful sometimes. You can also buy your own book at
cost, which some publishers do not offer.

Let me know when get published I would love to read
your book. Book swaps are a great way to mutually market
your book with other authors and compare notes. You can
agree to write each other a brief review and post it to your
web site, blogg or social network.

Best of luck with setting up and making sales. It can be
a long process but a rewarding one, so if you think your title
is worth reading stick with it. The setting up and editing is
the hardest part, after that it is just marketing, promotion and
looking forward to the next sales report.

"I’m really going to need help with this...
Sales reports? Marketing? Promotion? Those
terms are completely foreign to me and

You learn these DETAILS as you go along. A good
book promotes itself when you set it up affectively.
I strongly recommend that before you do anything
else, SAVE A COPY of your book file to CD or floppy disc,
then PRINT OFF a copy of the manuscript. That way, if all
else fails digitally, you can still scan and OCR (optically
recognise) your text. Also, when you are famous your
manuscripts will be worth a fortune and you can auction
them on eBay for charity.

When I first printed my manuscript, it was only 78 pages.
After formatting, editing, text resizing and page layout,
it comes to 148 pages, so I wouldn’t worry about the size too
much. The way the mind works is you would have the
essential information down already. But if there is more you
feel you want to add during editing, go for it. Writing is form
of self-expression and a great way to use our time

And I will want a signed copy of course!

One other thing I want to mention about self publishing; most
publishers prefer new titles that are not self published in advance.
This isn't a general rule, but some people self-publish all their titles
and still do not do well, and then they cannot get a publisher or an
 agent and they have nothign left to go on. Other publishers will notice
 if you are selling LOTS of copies of your book and want to know
about it...  so it is a swing and a roundabout you have to way up.

If you would rather have a publisher consider publishing your
manuscript for you, and saving you the time and the hassle, the
Inner Vision Press publishing imprint is now live and actively
seeking submissions.

Inner Vision Press has worldwide distribution through
the Ingram Channel and their partners Bertrams, Gardeners
and also has accounts with Nielsons and Bowkerlink
distribution databases. My books are seen by a lot of
potential customers including retailers like Amazon, Barnes
and Noble, WHSmith, and Waterstones, as well as libraries,
colleges and universities and bricks-and-mortar retail outlets.
The Inner Vision Press “print-on-demand” model uses
paper sourced from wholly sustainable managed forests.
Because my books are print-on-demand they never go out of
print and are always available for short runs from one book to
any number.

I supply ISBN’s for both printed and digital books, set
the title up, design the cover, set the retail price and
distribute worldwide. This includes press releases, social
networking and submission to all the major search engines.

Inner Vision Press aims to be a bridge between
mainstream publishing and self-publishing for authors in the
field of Personal and Spiritual Development, with a wide
scale exposure in the book market.

If you have written a book in the genres of Personal
and Spiritual Development, Enlightenment, Relationships,
Self Help, Transformational Psychology, Non-Fiction or
absolutely anything with an Inspirational Message from a
healing perspective, Inner Vision Press would like to hear
from you!

Copyrights Inner Vision Press 2012.

Thursday 26 April 2012

Review: Enlightenment for Beginners


Lucky Spirit
This review is from: Enlightenment for Beginners (Paperback)

A "must read" book with advice for "Beginners"and all those who need a feedback on their path back to the "spiritual roots"!!!
I have been very pleased to read this uplifting informative book with pleasure and in ease. I appreciate the humorous pen and fluent style very much because English is not my native tongue.
The used language in this awesome guide for personal development and spiritual growth flows out of the heart and needs no academic words to explain any "secret".
It is a written authentic testimony and precious gift with shared living knowledge and experienced wisdom ...messages from heart to heart and soul to soul ... to me.

Read the review on

This is Awesome Lucky Spirit. So glad it touched you, thank you.
Free copy of my new book on its way to you :)


Wednesday 25 April 2012

I have a good feeling about blogger

I have a good feeling about blogger ;)

Ultimate Power: The Universal Science of Love by Linda West

Paperback: 118 pages
Publisher: Inner Vision Press, 2nd edition (30 Aug 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 095688332X
ISBN-13: 978-0956883322
Dimensions: 20.3 x 12.7 x 0.7 cm

Product Description
Freedom lover, nature fan, mother and friend of the Earth, Linda West connected a code while studying the Mayan calendar which won her a scholarship to spend time with Terence McKenna in the rainforest of the Mayan ruins in Mexico. While conducting research on the Mayans, the calendar, and the science of frequencies, Linda began receiving messages from the Great Spirit of "White Eagle". Linda says she was asked to write down her breakthroughs and experiences and make them into a book for all mankind to share as we approach the end of the Mayan calendar and take the first steps towards a new more loving era in Earth's history.

From The Author
"It was foretold that at this time we would be receiving gifts to aid in the coming evolution of our world. One of these gifts is the remembrance of the Universal Science of Love, also known as Frequency Attunement. Frequency Attunement is a universal integrated spirit/science, which acts as one of the foundations of creation. It is what we call intuition, or our sixth sense. Frequencies are the subtle unseen vibrations which make up all of creation. They are what compose matter, thought, and energy. They are a measurement of the God-force. This book is meant to simplify the use of frequencies so that you can use this knowledge in your everyday life. You will discover how you can wield the Ultimate Power, and manifest your own personal miracles... This book will transform your life !" Linda West.

From The Publisher
Clearly written with deep insight, Linda West's book Ultimate Power:The Universal Science of Love is a must read for anyone looking for guidance, healing, inspiration and enlightenment through the use of frequency attunement. Welcome to the world of Frequencies!

Enlightenment for Beginners by Matt Blythe


Twenty years ago a series of life changing events led Matt to write "Enlightenment for Beginners" which became the basis for forming his own company Inner Vision and were the beginnings of his enlightenment. At the age of 21, as a way of trying to heal his own trauma and psychology, Matt began taking notes which would later be typed up into the manuscript and published into the book you are reading today.

Purchase Your Copy here

Inside Enlightenment for Beginners, the author guides us gently and clearly through learning to cope with our feelings, mind, body and spirit, attracting a love partner, forgiveness, the psychology of personal repair, meditation, the law of psychosomatics, the seven chakras, aura, your pseudo soul or ego, the feminine principle, goal setting, finding your purpose, principles for decision making and living your purpose wholeheartedly, plus many more chapters for those serious about their own personal development and spiritual growth.

Complete with informative and simple diagrams, exercises and quite a lot of humour, Enlightenment for Beginners is the essential handbook for anyone from those wanting to improve the quality of their life, to those embarking on their own personal enlightenment.

Cover Art
The cover art is a collaboration between Matt, Laura (the photographer), her three daughters and friend Noor, and Noor's friend's dog "Sandy" all of whom are pictured in silhouette! In some sense this is a family portrait, as Matt says this picture depicts his mother figuratively standing on the shores of the mainland UK with her dog Todd whilst looking over to the Island where Matt lives. Apart from the cover and some minor editing this version is identical to the 1st Edition, both of which are dedicated to his mother.

From the Author
"The aim of this book is largely reparative. I wrote it myself during testing times both emotionally and financially. The principles and aphorisms contained herein became a staff for me at the time and many of these formed the basis of the belief system that supports my psychology. They transformed the most chronic of problems easily and became the cornerstones and building blocks for a brighter, more positive future. Enlightenment for Beginners aims to educate and enlighten you, increase your awareness and give you an expanded view of what we call life. I hope to share this knowledge with you it comes from the depths of my awareness. With understanding and a solid foundation every problem we encounter becomes a way of extending ourselves and transforms into a gift.

After taking "The Road to Recovery" and a short journey within, we can safely and confidently return to the mainstream of life with renewed interest and energy. Seeing where we are now, and how far we have come, allows us to settle into life knowing we are guided, gifted, supported and rewarded, throughout this intrinsic tapestry of life. I hope you have at least as much fun reading Enlightenment for Beginners as I did writing it. If I can help one person walk into the future with an open mind and a grateful heart then it would all have been worthwhile." Matt Blythe

About the Author
Having had formal training in electronics and after fourteen years as a relationship coach, workshop facilitator and student/teacher of A Course in Miracles, Matt feels now is a good time to share his Wisdom with the world.

Matt Blythe takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery towards an elightened state of mind which increases self-worth, confidence and purpose. -Paul Armfield - Manager "Waterstones" Isle of wight

I wish anyone who was feeling in need of a spiritual pick-me-up could read and enjoy this book, it's fabulous! -Cynthia Sue Larson - Author of "Aura Advantage" and Top 500 Reviewer

Just finished your book "Enlightenment For Beginners" I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and inspiration. -Christina Joy - Ordained Interfaith Minister

Inner Vision Press

The Inner Vision Press publishing imprint
is now live and actively seeking submissions.

Inner Vision Press has world-wide distribution through the Ingram channel and their partners Bertrams, Gardeners and also has accounts with Nielsons and Bowkerlink (distributer/databases) and Waterstones in the UK. Basically my books get seen by a lot of potental customers including libraries, colleges and universities.

I have a 'print-on-demand' model that uses paper sourced from wholly sustainable, managed forests. Because my books are print-on-demand they never go out of print, and are always available for short runs of one book to any number.

Inner Vision Press aims to be a bridge between mainstream publishing and self publishing for authors in the field of Personal and Spiritual Development, with a wide scale exposure in the book market.

If you have written a book in the genres of Personal and Spiritual Development, Enlightenment, Relationships, Self Help, Transformational Psychology, Non-Fiction or absolutely anything with an Inspirational Message from a healing perspective, Inner Vision Press would like to hear from you!