Fully involved, emotionally honest, and interacting...
By Cynthia Sue Larson.

"Enlightenment for Beginners is written in such a friendly tone that it's easy to imagine author Matthew Bythe as a kindly teacher or uncle, offering pearls of wisdom in an easy going, down-to-Earth way. This book helps people grasp otherwise elusive, confusing concepts such as: forgiveness, meditation, love, and relationships. Organized into sections having to do with facing and overcoming times of tremendous challenge in life, Enlightenment for Beginners provides those in the midst of life crises a helping hand, a positive perspective, and a great deal of hope. 

What makes Enlightenment for Beginners such a delight is the way it is sprinkled with homespun sayings such as, "Life is like a jigsaw puzzle with the picture on both sides. The straight edges are your principles. The rest is up to you." Blythe frequently reminds us that we live our richest lives when we are fully involved, emotionally honest, and interacting with the world and people around us. This book contains a fabulously inspirational message that encourages each of us to lighten up, loosen up, and become irresistible, just being ourselves... and rest assured that, "Truth and Happiness will get you in the end."


Cynthia is an inspired relationship coach, spiritual teacher and author of the best selling books: "Aura Advantage", "Reality Shifts", "High Energy Money" and "Karen Kimball", and is a Top 100 reviewer on Amazon. Cynthia comes highly recommended. Visit Cynthia's web site here

Enlightenment for Beginners - A Friend of a Book
By Jenny Arkles.
"This book feels as if it is written just for me! A student of Plato apparently once said, "How can I listen to what you say, when who you are is ringing in my ears". This book rings with authenticity, personal passion and deep caring. It does not have the tone of a removed academic, but feels like a personal and true friend, to be kept close, and to be picked up and communed with when in need. It is a reminder to stay awake and committed when one forgets or is tired. With some humour, it is a light but deep call to awaken with courage to our true purpose."

By Soheyla Lucky Spirit.

"A must read book with advice for "Beginners" and all those who need a feedback on their path back to the spiritual roots!!! I have been very pleased to read this uplifting informative book with pleasure and in ease. I appreciate the humorous pen and fluent style very much because English is not my native tongue. The used language in this awesome guide for personal development and spiritual growth flows out of the heart and needs no academic words to explain any "secret". It is a written authentic testimony and precious gift with shared living knowledge and experienced wisdom ...messages from heart to heart and soul to soul ... to me."

What a Gift
By Barbara Wurden  |  "The Handy Goddess"

What a comprehensive inspirational book. I was thrown by the title at first as I expected this to be a simple guide for the beginner but when I started reading I found it difficult to put down and so easy to pick up. I've been heavily involved in my spiritual path for some time now and it goes to show you can never really have enough of this information and I was so appreciative of Matt Blythe's interpretation of spiritual teachings. I used this book as a spiritual guide for each day. Every time I needed to hear something it was revealed to me in the chapters I chose to read. What a gift this book would be for anyone who reads its wisdom!"