“Matt is very smart, driven, and knows social media inside out. Great energy to be around. Wroxall Weather, Isle of Wight.

“Matt Blythe is a very deep person and a good coach. He knows very well all the main inner issues of humans being.” Nicola Romano, Agronomist.

“Matt spots trends and comes up with cutting edge ideas. Very innovative.” Julie Robertson, Therapist.

“Matt is extremely insightful and inspirational. He has much to contribute on the topic of enlightment.” Jackie Jones.

"Your beautiful book 'Enlightenment for Beginners' has just arrived. It looks delicious.
I flicked through to get the feel of it and I love the original type, ....ah, the written word; such a delight. Doing chores manically so I can read in peace later - hopefully in the sun amidst my flowers.

"Just finished your book Enlightenment For Beginners. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and inspiration. Love & Blessings. Christina Joy, Interfaith Minister.

"I have the signed copy of this, which I feel very lucky to have, as soon as I got home on friday, I started reading it and couldn't stop. I have some Louise Hay books and did the course on positive think, which at the time helped me, but yours being based on true life's experiences, is much better and I can relate to 80% of it, if not more.   Thank you very much.  JH. 

"I wish anyone who was feeling in need of a spiritual pick-me-up could read and enjoy this book - it's fabulous! Cynthia Sue Larson - Author of  RealityShifters Guide to High Energy Money.
"Enlightenment for Beginners is a spiritual self-help book by local author Matt Blythe which takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery towards an elightened state of mind which increases self-worth, confidence and purpose.   Paul Armfield - Manager - Waterstones, Isle of Wight.


"Really enjoying Enlightenment for Beginners Matt. It's changing my life.  Denis Oram - Australia

"Matt, I've totally loved your book, this is and has been a difficult time for me so to pick up your book and get some loving inspiration every so often has been a Godsend, Thank you. I love what I read. Your book is so beautiful with powerful wisdom. Barbara Wurden, The Handy Goddess.

"Hi, I’d first like to thank you for having the courage to be your authentic self and speak your truth. The amazing information you share in your videos has helped me tremendously since I first discovered them over a year ago. Seeing the transformation that can occur through one person taking a stand inspires me to also stand for what I believe in. I would love to read your book and help spread the messages to everyone I meet. When I am finished reading your book, it will surely be passed onto others who will benefit from the information as much as I will. Thank you for this opportunity." Bonnie Crum. (Referring to Ultimate Power by Linda West).