Sunday 23 September 2012

Ten Things That DO NOT Impress Your Publisher.

1. Enquiry letters that are presumptious and demanding.

2. Enquiry letters that are too short.

And enquiry letters that are too long!

3. Do not expect your publisher to be your 

(mind reader).

4. Do not write, email or call for a progress check.

Before your publisher has even received your manuscript.

5. Do not tell the director you do not like the company ethos. 

And then expect him or her to positively appraise your book and offer you
a six figure advance.

6. Do not send enquirey letters, CV.'s or sample chapters that are p orly formatted.

And look like they are badly in need of a spel chexker.

7. Do not enclose poor quality images.

In y1ur manuscript 1r text/f1nts that are n1t rec1gnised by m1st m1dern 
w1rd pr1cessor s1ftware.

8. Do not include images, art work or material that you do not own the ©opyrights to.

They stand out like a sore thumb and could cost you and your publisher dearly
if somone sues you for copyright infringement.

9. Do not say, "O-M-G ...I hate it!" 

Or, "You have ruined my book!!" When your publisher sends you the first draft of
your book or cover design after spending many long hours designing the book to
your specifications. You have every opportunity to liaise with your publisher and
designer and make any changes you need to... but after the files have been approved,
and released into the system, in most cases there is no going back.

10.  Do not send in your manuscript.

And then expect lengthy feedback or reviews of your work, and a lifetime of
free coaching and support if you have no intention of having your book published.

We are only  human after all :)

Click here to see "Ten Things To Impress Your Publisher"

By Matt Blythe
Inner Vision Press.

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