Friday 28 September 2012

Crossroads: Inside Callisto by Matthew DeGennaro


21st September 2012.

Nothing seems worse than standing at the crossroads. A Course in Miracles calls it "The Branch in the Road". If you have ever found yourself at a Crossroads in your life; the way before you blocked, the way you came no longer matters. If you have ever wondered what the next step in life might be, or found yourself bewildered by the overwhelm of information coming to you, then Matt Degennaro's book "Crossroads: Inside Callisto" is for you. Although Matt's book is a novel, the principles "Inside Callisto" hold true and for those of us looking for guidance, vision, wisdom, humour and inspiration, Crossroads helps us to navigate the unconscious mind easily. Not only that but Matt Degennaro's new novel is a romantic thriller, a suspenseful mystery, a transformational leap in consciousness and a swashbuckling good story! Buy your copy at from as little as $15.66 (plus postage). Also available on Amazon, B & N, Waterstones, WHSmith, The Book Depository, Blackwells, and as a digital download on Google Books and Amazon Kindle. Order your copy today, before it is too late and your mind is made up for you! And you find yourself once more... standing at the "Crossroads."

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