Monday 16 July 2012

Publishing Process Overview

After enquiring, you need to send me a copy of the manuscript so I can have an objective look at it with the view of possible publication. Basically your book can be any size from 48 pages up to about 1000. If it is greater than 1000 pages the printers have a hard time dealing with it. If it is less than 48 pages you lose out on the binding i.e. it has to be either saddle stitched, stapled or ring bound as a booklet.

When your book is complete and ready for submission, you need to send me a copy in either Word .doc or Adobe .pdf format. These are formats are preferred although I can scan a physical book or manuscript but it involves considerably more work (and subsequent fees). Other formats I can work with include MS Works files and even a Notepad .txt file (at a push).

I then take a look at your work and if it is suitable for my list and we agree to go ahead and publish, then as soon as we make a commitment I begin working on your book, bringing your files up to print-ready standard, formatting the text, assigning an ISBN, designing the cover and finally uploading the files to the printers and distribution databases. All files are sent to you prior to upload for your approval.

I set the retail price and the launch date and then your title is distributed through the internet worldwide, where customers can purchase either an ebook or a physical paperback version of your book. Actual bricks and mortar shops can also sell your book through high street shops, schools, colleges and universites.

You receive at least 20% of the retail sales of every copy of your book sold through me directly or through the distribution channels. This figure is finalised when we set the retail price logistics. And you can also buy copies of your own book at wholesale and sell them for a profit if you wish, at book signings for example.

If you need any more information, checkout my the FAQ on my blog and let me have your email address so I can send you more information. The fees are based around the full publishing package including submitting your title to the Ingram Advance catalogue listing, press releases, search engine submission and 10 complimentary copies of your book. Basically, when you have your book written then we can go from there.

I look forward to hearing you have your book ready for Submission soon.

Good luck and I hope you are having a great day :)

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Matt Blythe,
Inner Vision Press.

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