Wednesday 30 October 2013

Kindle Matchbook and Inner Vision Press

All Inner Vision Press titles are now enrolled in the Kindle Matchbook program, which means that if you purchased an Inner Vision Press PRINTED book on Amazon, anywhere (or have recently purchased a PRINTED Inner Vision Press title on Amazon), you can now purchase the Kindle version for your e-reader for the price of only $1.99 USD - that is greater than 50% discount on the Kindle book price, which is already greatly reduced from the printed title list price! 

Check out my book "Enlightenment for Beginners" on Amazon Kindle, purchase the printed book and you can have the Kindle download for only $1.99 extra. The same goes for ALL Inner Vision Press book titles.

The Inner Vision Press 'Kindle Matchbook' program will come into full effect within the next 12 hours.... for more information, visit this link:


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