Friday 8 February 2013

Editing - Crossroads: Inside Callisto

First Revision
Limited Edition

I am editing Matt Degennaro's novel, Crossroads: Inside Callisto for typos and grammatical errors picked up recently on a certain review on Amazon. The revised book block will be uploaded within the next few weeks and all subsequent print-on-demand books will bear the revised text.

 "This is the kind of pedantic up with which
I will not put!"

Winston Churchill.

There are very few typos to be honest, as we already went through this prior to publishing, and a lot of what might be considered "grammatical errors" are actually associated with the dialogue and meaningfully express the New Jersey dialect and satire in which the book is written. I think if you got stopped at the English-up of every little conversation-put in this book, then you probably missed the point of the book, which is of course - enlightenment - DeGennaro style!

On a positive note, if you already purchased a copy prior to revising, you are now the proud owner of a collectors 'limited edition' copy of Crossroads: Inside Callisto and some of you may even own a signed copy. If you find yourself standing at the Crossroads in life, it is not too late! You can still purchase a copy of Crossroads - typos and all - for a limited time only (click the image).

The revised edition, will of course, be seamlessly integrated into the greater scheme of things and become available as it filters through the distribution channels....

Matt Blythe
Publisher, Inner Vision Press

Check out the official Crossroads website here.


  1. Random House step aside. There's a new sheriff in town.

    1. Not exactly Random House but I like to see new authors "reach for the sky" and receive the best publishing possible. Thank you.