Monday 6 October 2014

Invasion of the Earthmen is Seeking Reviewers

Dear Friends,

Invasion of the Earthmen is nearing completion and we are seeking reviewers. If anyone would like to receive a free e-copy of Vitor's brilliant book in exchange for a short one or two paragraph review, could you please register your interest here or leave a message with your email address through the page. Thank you and look forward to the launch of Invasion of the Earthmen coming very soon...

"The answer was clear, firm: mankind on Earth was at a transitional stage, one that would result in their opening up to the Cosmos, both internally and externally. Many humans on Earth were starting to sense the ocean of possibilities inside themselves and that they must “journey into their inner worlds” before they could journey through space. Many were beginning to find, within themselves, the roots of true solidarity and were developing a sensitivity to “the language of things and beings” - to the energetic vibration on a far wider spectrum than they or others had experienced before. And there was a man on board that enormous Earth ship who, centuries before and in a different body, had been on Ixnor. Livingstone had known Gael and other Ixnorians long before the onset of the unfortunate events that were now taking place. And it made sense that such apparently fortuitous circumstances, albeit guided by the logic of Space, had brought him to Ixnor - a planet with which he shared a great affinity. Everything seemed to indicate that, in a more or less remote future, he would return to Earth. When this happened, he would assume a special role since that would be the moment when most Earthmen (and not just a few) would start to become aware of the profound nature that linked them to the conscious Cosmos. Livingstone, the traveller, would help mankind to “return to the Universe”. And then there was Diana, the young girl from Earth that had yet to discover her real self but could if she wished. She could also choose between returning to her physical planet or life on Ixnor... Besides, quite unexpectedly, many of the Earthmen that now seemed so aggressive, so out of sync with the Ethics of the Cosmos, would take with them a psychic reminder of what they had seen and experienced. A secret psychic mark, and one day that mark would make itself heard and remind them of other ways of being. Having known another way of vibrating with life, they would never again lose the gift of recognising it..."

Chapter 17, Invasion of the Earthmen
By Vitor Rodrogues

Published by Inner Vision Press,
Copyrights © Inner Vision Press 2014.

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